Self guide tours

Self guided tour around Kiyosato highland area 

Let’s enjoy traveling to fascinating Kiyosato area!

Kiyosato highland area is located on south foot of Mt. Yatsugatake and showing us various faces season by season.
Now we are going to recommend some places for sightseeing, good views, and fun activities.
You can go around this area by yourself using your smartphone.


Recommended route in summer 

Kiyosato area, about 1,000m above  sea level is ideal summer resort.
Beautiful landscapes, bracing breeze, refreshing outdoor experience, we bet you can spend your holiday with delight.
Traveling with your friends, family, or of course solo traveling also will be a good memory.
You can choose your convenient transportation, such as car, taxi, public bus, or e-bike.



Recommended route in autumn 

In autumn, beautiful colored leaves welcome you. And winter is coming to the mountain.
If you are lucky, you will see the co-starring snow, autumn leaves and Yatsugatake.
We local guides introduce you two days relaxing tour enjoying Kiyosato highland area.
We especially recommend E-bike(electric bike) tour in autumn season.
About the accommodations, there are many unique hotels and guesthouses, you will find your favorite one.


Recommended route in winter 

Kiyosato highland area is located on 1,000 meters to 1,600 meters. 
Of course in winter it’s really cold, but the air is clear and refreshing.
Actually in this area, ratio of fine weather is 80 percent, so you have a high chance to view the mountains covered with snow shining beautifully. 
And you can enjoy various snow activities in winter with plenty of snow. Snowshoeing, bonfire, and so on.
We will make a hot sandwich for a lunch, eating them in the snow must be delicious.
Have fun winter activities in Kiyosato.


Recommended activities and accommodation

The activities and accommodations to enjoy the four seasons of Kiyosato Plateau!
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