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  3. I started a “Yatsugatake sightseeing zone monitoring tour 2020-2021” offer!

I started a “Yatsugatake sightseeing zone monitoring tour 2020-2021” offer!

The world is made fun of for a corona evil, and many sports, outdoor leisure are forced to a self-restraint in Japan, and the influence still continues this year.
Of course, long self-restraint life gave it for outdoor activity users; is mental, and think that the physical stress is immeasurable.
I receive such situation and have little, many of you enjoy a program to be useful for stress-relieving in nature in Yatsugatake outdoor activities in now when it has been seen the presence of mind in the situation more or less and have you refresh it and want to wrestle for program administration reliable safely that followed a new lifestyle forward.
We look forward to doing more business with you.

Therefore it is in the middle of the rainy season, but a feeling wants to provide the WHAT’S COOL that it seems to be fine even a little!

It is a monitoring tour of the “Yatsugatake sightseeing zone” sponsorship to tell you this time.

Secondary to last year, I had the program that I could not usually experience including the area discovery tour that new program in the winter season, neighbor Hara-mura, Nagano hosted in the summer mainly on a basic program of YOA from summer to winter this year. Please experience it at this opportunity!

Anyone is an application, the tour that you can participate in free.
I would like the application from the “Yatsugatake sightseeing zone monitoring tour 2020-2021” in “a program recommended this summer” page.

I ask the person who had you participate for the entry of “the questionnaire after the participation”. Please cooperate. In addition, please understand it as you have you consent including the use in the future notice purpose of the photograph which a guide took during a tour. Each guide will inform you some other time after an application was completed about a meeting place, clothes, the belonging of the day of the tour. Please refer to each guide office and host for more information about each tour contents directly.

It is a monitoring tour of entrance fee for free, but the holding in constant number of people or more becomes the necessary condition because a purpose called a customer satisfaction investigation and the inspection of the tour value becomes the premise. The tour is in principle available unless it is serious stormy weather. As I come to trouble the customer who became out of capacity, I demand a cancellation fee from the cancellation at the convenience of you on the following condition.

As I charge the cancellation fee of 3,000 yen equivalent to preparations costs about the cancellation within one week before date, please understand.

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